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06 Aug 2019
North Devon AONB leaflet spreads

Lathwell helps North Devon AONB look outstanding

We love working with National Parks, Wildlife Trusts and AONBs (Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty).
As a result of our bespoke map design and production skills, North Devon AONB commissioned us to produce a guide to the North Devon coast with the centre piece of each spread a map showing the sections of coastline that have been designated for conservation due to significant landscape value. The leaflet is packed with information on the diverse flora and fauna, wildlife watching areas, heritage sites and activities, along where to find the best beaches and circular walks. Our challenge was to include lots of useful information, while still providing an attractive design that encourages both visitors and locals to explore the beauty of this unique area.

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11 Apr 2019
Greener for Life website and video

Greener for Life

Greener for Life (GFL) is leading the charge in the South West in the use of food waste and residues to produce low-carbon fuel, energy and biofertiliser. It recently completed construction of a multi-million pound anaerobic digestor in Devon that produces renewable methane for electricity, heat and transport fuel. 

In order to impress potential investors, attract suppliers of waste materials and promote the construction arm of the business, the company commissioned Lathwell & Associates and our web partners The Websitemen to create an impactful website. 

Recognising that much of GFL's target audience would browse the site while commuting or multi-tasking, we decided to build the website around a concise video that explains the recycling process without a voice-over. Together with drone photographer Tim Pestridge, we achieved stunning aerial shots of the plant that convey not only the plant's beautiful and productive rural setting but that GFL is a serious player in the alternative energy sector. 

See the full video here.


05 Feb 2019
Dartmoor National Park Authority information leaflet design

Designs on Dartmoor

We are delighted to announce that the Dartmoor National Park Authority has commissioned Lathwell & Associates to produce a folder and series of information leaflets aimed at a wide variety of Specific Interest Groups, which will draw on our design, map production and infographic skills.

This commission adds to our rural tourism client list, which includes the Yorkshire Dales and Lake District National Parks, along with the Solway Coast and North Devon AONBs - all of which give us the perfect excuse to pursue our passion of trekking through the glorious English countryside!

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