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01 Oct 2019
BFMD presentation

Business Forum Mid Devon – Food & Drink Showcase

Acting in his role as Chair of Business Forum Mid Devon (BFMD) our designer, Andrew Lathwell, organised a food and drink networking event ‘Local Producers’ at the Tiverton Hotel. We invited local food and drink producers to come along and promote their products to potential customers and suppliers. The meeting attracted over 40 attendees and included cider, preserves, coffee, wine, confectionary, rum and event catering businesses.
Andrew gave a presentation – ‘An introduction to how to create a food and drink brand’. Andrew went through the series of questions that he asks clients when developing their brand along with the hexagon model used to brain storm ideas and develop key messages. He focused on the ‘Brand personality’ aspect of the hexagon and provided examples of how similar products can be given a distinctive look or personality and enable them to stand out from the crowd.
Andrew was followed by John Sheaves of Taste of the West (TotW). John’s talk was “Producing post-Brexit food and drink – Are we ready?”. John described the origins of Taste of the West and the services provided to members and how the TotW logo and branding was developed to reflect its Britishness. He also described the preparations that TotW members are making for Brexit.
The evening finished with attendees tasting some of the products on display and further informal networking.
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09 Sep 2019
Sedbergh timeline main image

Celebrating Sedberghians’ achievements

Sedbergh School is one of the top independent sector schools in the North of England, we have worked with Sedbergh School for over 10 years and produced the school’s marketing collateral along with numerous fundraising and legacy campaigns.
As Sedbergh School approaches it’s 500th anniversary we have produced the latest in a series of Sedbergh timeline displays – Entrepreneurs. This follows the production of previous timelines celebrating the achievements of Sedberghians in a wide range of fields including Science, Religion & Theology, Philanthropy, International, Military, Women, Politic & Law, Achievements, Rugby and Media & Arts.

06 Aug 2019
North Devon AONB leaflet spreads

Lathwell helps North Devon AONB look outstanding

We love working with National Parks, Wildlife Trusts and AONBs (Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty).
As a result of our bespoke map design and production skills, North Devon AONB commissioned us to produce a guide to the North Devon coast with the centre piece of each spread a map showing the sections of coastline that have been designated for conservation due to significant landscape value. The leaflet is packed with information on the diverse flora and fauna, wildlife watching areas, heritage sites and activities, along where to find the best beaches and circular walks. Our challenge was to include lots of useful information, while still providing an attractive design that encourages both visitors and locals to explore the beauty of this unique area.

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