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22 Nov 2013
Selfie image PR

The Selfie: a PR opportunity for your brand

The ‘selfie’ – a photo you take of yourself, typically with a smartphone or webcam, then upload to a social network – may have taken off as something teens do. Indeed, earlier this year Pew Center for Internet Research reported that 91 percent of teens have posted one.

But, as any of you who watched This Week with Andrew Neil last night will have noticed, the selfie has definitely drifted right into the middle of mainstream.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, Oxford Dictionaries has this week voted the word ‘selfie’  Word of the Year, in part because research indicates that usage of the word has increased by 17,000% in the last twelve months.

And now the first selfie app - Shots of Me – has gone live. Backed by Justin Bieber, this is a camera app which opens ‘selfie ready’, with the lens facing its user. That Justin is a Belieber means the selfie is going to have some mileage yet.

All this makes it a great PR opportunity for your brand – whatever demographic you’re targetting.


Well, of course, you could post your own selfies: there’s definitely currency in that right now. But, even more powerfully, you could provide a channel for other people to promote their selfie through – just as Andrew Neil did last night. The programme ran a series of selfies in which viewers had posed in front of their TV screens, which had – you’ve guessed it - images of Andrew Neil on them.

It’s all about given the selfie-poser a little moment of social stardom - and then basking in their radiating glow of glory as their branded 'stage'.

So: send us your selfies, and we'll post them!

Meanwhile, if you’d like to discuss more ways in which you could make your brand a little more famous, why not give the marketing team at Lathwell & Associates a call on 01398 331177?

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