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11 Feb 2014
Sedbergh Foundation school direct mail design RLS mailshot

Lathwell & Associates' design puts fun into fundraising

Sedbergh Foundation turned to Lathwell's fundraising experts when it launched its most ambitious fundraising initiative yet - to secure donations for an endowment that will help five pupils from backgrounds who would not normally be able to enjoy the privileged Sedbergh School education.

We wanted to represent how a small monthly donation of £10 could quickly escalate into a large benefit, when paired with the power of gift aid and match funding (£1,500 per year.) 

With the help of specialist printer, Witney Woods, we produced a sliding mailshot with a simple yet impactful message. It features an acorn that 'changes' into an oak tree with a playful 'slider'. This not only effectively communicates the key message of 'a little can go a long way' but injects a tactile element into the direct mail piece that makes it far more likely that it will be picked up, played with, read and acted upon.


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