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14 Aug 2011
Sedbergh School Foundation personalised DM - main

Making direct mail personal!

Story update (on graphic design project first reported on 18 April):

As part of Sedbergh School’s drive to attract legacies from Old Sedberghians it asked us to come up with a way of making its direct mail campaign more personal.

In response, we designed a 1:1 direct mail package incorporating a couple of tailorable inserts: one features images of the traditional and much-loved Sedbergh School 'Brown Books', which record each year's staff and pupil roll call, and another features a list of finishing times for pupils who participated in the Wilson Run (the famous and gruelling annual 10-mile cross country run that every Old Sedberghian will have strong - if not fond! - memories of).

Subsequently, each recipient has received a personalised direct mail package tailored with their name, and with a Brown Book and Wilson Run record from the year they left Sedbergh School.

Now the feedback is starting to trickle in from recipients: it seems they're really 'impressed' and are responding positively to the legacy request. Our lovely client is so excited that he even called Lathwell & Associates a 'creative genius' - which has made us very happy bunnies!

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