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01 Jul 2016
Assist charity promotion

Promoting a charity

With changes to the Care Act and the cessation of care provision vouchers for residents in the county, Devon charity Assist Teignbridge needed to present a more professional face to its public, volunteers, donors and trustees alike in order to secure greater funding and more full-paying clients.

It called on Lathwell & Associates to see what we could do for a very tight budget. Following a brainstorming, we helped the organisation to establish its key messages and articulate its proposition more clearly. We then built this into an extensive piece of corporate copy in the structure of a future planned website so that Assist would have this content prepared for when it is able to invest in a site; in the meantime this provided consistent positioning pieces it could draw upon when creating smaller items such as adverts and event posters – and even its annual report, which was exceptionally well received at its recent meeting of Trustees.

We then advised the team on how they could make the most of its existing in-house website and designed a series of advertising options introducing photography and icons to make its ads more engaging and its services easier to understand.

The Lathwell team enjoys working with charities, and we're particularly looking forward to delivering one of the 'strategic masterclasses' at the annual conference for Devon Voluntary Action (DeVA) this year, on 12 October (details here).

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