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31 Aug 2016
Charities marketing

Charity marketing

Charity marketing clients are like buses, clearly: you wait for ages then three come along all at once.

Joking aside, we have in fact had a long history of providing graphic design and communications services to charities, most recently to Care International and Assist Teignbridge.

Now, just this week, Lathwell & Associates has been commissioned to produce annual reports for the Shelia McKechnie Foundation, and the Kensington & Chelsea Citizens' Advice Bureau Service, plus a newsletter for GM Freeze.

It's fitting, then, that Niki Lathwell has also been asked to give two marketing workshops at the annual Devon Voluntary Action conference, on 12 October. This event brings together volunteers at community and charitable organisations, to help build their skills, knowledge and networks, and the Lathwell sessions will be on:

  • how to create an effective brand, and
  • how to promote an organisation on a small budget.

For more information, and to book, simply click here.

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