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21 Apr 2017
CARE International - design of campaign materials

A crucial campaign that walks the talk

Many women and girls across the globe still bear the brunt of poverty, vulnerability and domestic servitude. To do our little bit to fight this inexcusable injustice in 2017, we have worked with CARE International to promote its awareness campaign: Walk In Her Shoes - designing all the ads, posters, promotional leaflets, and 'How to get involved' materials.

This really important campaign recognises that the lack of readily available water in many third-world communities results in women and girls having to walk miles each day to collect water for their families to drink as well as cook with. One critical outcome of this is that this leaves little time for girls to attend school, and therefore little chance of ever improving their prospects.

By funding the provision of clean water in communities, CARE aims to break this vicious circle, enabling girls to attend school, expand their horizons and help lift their families out of poverty.

The Walk In Her Shoes project involves the challenge to members of the public to walk 10,000 steps a day for the week of 8-14 May, in order to raise £100 each. Together, we can make a difference!

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