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26 Jun 2017
JPA tree trail leaflet design

Designer tree trail leaflet

The historic market town of Tiverton has more than 25% canopy cover, making it a lovely, green place in which to live, work and play. So we were delighted to help local arboricultural consultancy JP Associates (JPA) promote the benefits that trees bring to the urban environment with the production and promotion of the town's first tree trail leaflet.

The resulting 3km 'JP Associates Tiverton Town Tree Trail' was launched by Tiverton’s mayor Councillor Wally Burke today. With JPA’s consultants, he led a gaggle of schoolchildren from Heathcoat Primary School around Westexe Recreation Ground, getting them to guess the age of a 'young redwood', and teaching them some amazing facts including that Romans ate lime tree leaves as 'lettuce' and that mature oak trees can support up to 5,000 species of invertebrates!

The children lapped up the information, enthusiastically asking lots of questions (my favourite of which was: 'How can a fungus eat a tree if it hasn't got a mouth?')

Joining us was Devon Live and the Tiverton Gazette, who gave us a lovely piece of coverage that showed how enthusiastically the leaflet was received.

The leaflet has not just been developed for fun, though: it has also been designed to help spread the word about the vital role that trees play - not only in making urban environments healthier and more attractive but also in boosting communities’ wellbeing.

As you progress along the mapped trail, you can learn some surprising facts about the most significant trees you pass, click on QR codes to access further information, and see some of the best places in our historic market town.

Along the way, you’ll be working on your mental and physical wellbeing without even realising it: our quiz will help you learn how urban trees can improve our health, and can even increase the value of your home. If, at the end, you’re inspired to get more involved with trees, we’ve even provided a list of organisations through which you can do just that.

Free copies of the JPA Tiverton Tree Trail are available from the Tiverton Tourist Information Centre based at the Museum of Mid Devon Life, and from venues around town. Happy strolling!

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