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05 Sep 2017
CARE International interactive design

Interactive design

We're all about helping clients to more effectively engage and motivate their stakeholders, so we were delighted with a recent commission from CARE International.

Although an enormously successful fundraiser, CARE has been well-established for years and has achieved an extensive footprint. In some organisations, such longevity has bred a familiarity that has seen a staleness creep into their stakeholder relationships. This would be disastrous for a charity like CARE which needs to keep its donors and employees alike excited about its projects, and willing to donate or go the extra mile.

This month, to keep things fresh, CARE has created three new programmes:

  • The Jurassic Coast Women’s Trek, a fundraising initiative designed to encourage involvement by CARE supporters
  • The Race To Respond, an employee team-building programme, and
  • The Stairs And The City, which enables staff to raise funds through the challenge of climbing the stairs of the iconic, 225m high Leadenhall Building.

In promoting these programmes, CARE wanted a new design approach that would not only stay true to its well known and trusted branding to reaffirm its reputation as an organisation that transforms the lives of those it aids, but that would powerfully capture interest with a new vivacity and sense of purpose that would spur its target audiences into action. 

Lathwell & Associates responded with a range of interactive PDFs that could be emailed to supporters and staff. These are all designed to immediately grab the attention of the intended targets, enticing them to seek further information then - through intuitive click-throughs - enabling them to access it easily and swiftly. 

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