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28 Jun 2018
STL MMS Evo launch ad copywriting design

Evolving a brand

When long-time client, STL Technology Solutions, was preparing to launch a radical new generation of its flagship product - STL MMS Evo - it turned to Lathwell & Associates' combined design and marketing team for a creative approach.

Other IT vendors in the wholesale sector typically promote their products with lists of functions and some visual reference to a warehouse, forklift or delivery vehicle. Many years ago, we worked with STL to differentiate itself by focusing on its USP of fun people with deep knowledge and fresh thinking which generate clever solutions that make their clients' lives easier. This has paid dividends for the company since, which grew swiftly from being the 'new kid on the block' to the largest and most profitable independent supplier in the sector. (Read the back story here.)

So, when considering the launch of STL MMS Evo, we all agreed that its key advantage was its new user interface, which makes it both very easy on the eye and intuitive to use, along with the impressive speed at which it performs standard operational processes. After profiling the target audience - male entrepreneurs with a penchant for big boys' toys - we decided to 'sex up' the software and present it as a fast, fun, futuristic car. With the core image agreed, we then created a range of marketing items from adverts and press releases, to pull-up banners, web copy and eDMs.

It was a gamble but one that has already paid off, with STL receiving a record number of enquiries for its new Lightning McQueen of wholesale software. 

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