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26 Sep 2018
Cardyard branding marketing strategy

Sell Smart, Spend Smart: Yard Your Card!

We're delighted to announce that, following an initial commission to review its marketing strategy, Lathwell & Associates has now been appointed as the ongoing marketing consultancy for gift card exchange operator, Cardyard.

Our priority has been to evolve the company's branding to better convey what it does, at a glance. We refreshed its logo, gave it a new tagline and a suite of key messages, and the company now more confidently - and justifiably - promotes itself as the 'UK’s top gift card exchange, with a delight rating of 96%'. 

We're now turning our attention to development of the company's PR and social strategies, as well as its customer engagement and advocate incentive programmes, amongst other things.

Along the way, we've started wondering why everyone doesn't use Cardyard as a standard money management tool?

The company can help you 'Sell Smart' - it buys your unwanted gift cards for cash, so you can spend it on things you do want.

It also helps you 'Spend Smart'. It on-sells the gift cards it's bought, for up to 20% less than their face value, so you can save money every time you spend. 20% means you buy a £50 gift card for just £40! Just think about how much further your money would go if you used Cardyard's cards to buy all the things you want.

It deals with all the big names - like Amazon, iTunes, Marks & Spencers, John Lewis - in fact, all your favourite fashion, music and gaming retailers, as well as DIY stores and supermarkets, restaurant and cinema chains - and more. So it can help you ‘Spend Smart’ on almost anything!

And the sooner you start the sooner you save. What's not to love about that?

So - we say: Join us! Yard Your Card today!


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