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15 Nov 2018
Business Forum Cardyard

Brilliant Business Forum educates and inspires

We chaired another excellent Business Forum Mid Devon this evening, with three very different but inspiring speakers. 

First up was David Ralph, the new CEO of Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership (HoSW LEP). He outlined the LEP's big ambition to double the size of the local economy over the next 20 years by raising productivity, then challenged the business owners in the room to be part of the journey, explaining how the LEP could help them realise their organisations' potential.

Having been challenged to raise our game, Rosie Jeffery of Being your Best then gave some top tips on how we could avoid typical 'rocks in the business road':

- The Money Rock: prioritise getting profitability, cash flow and funding clearly sorted 

- The Time Rock: make sure you're not just busy; you're effective. Don’t procrastinate. Don't let important jobs build up until they're urgent: tackle them ASAP. Make sure you are doing things for the right reasons. Work out if multi-tasking is costing you efficiency or effectiveness: it's not for all types of brain

- The Other People Rock: you're driving your bus - and you can say 'No'. Stay open and react to others when it's beneficial, but drive your bus.

Theory is one thing, but it was most inspiring to then hear from someone who has navigated such rocks in his business road, and had not only lived to tell the tale but is thriving. Mike Hayman launched gift card exchange Cardyard from scratch, against huge odds, and he explained how he tackled each major challenge at a time, to achieve his goals. It was utterly fascinating to hear of his journey, the challenges he has had to overcome and his future vision for the business. He really does deserve to succeed - and, coincidentally, if you want a new way of saving money when you spend, or making some money you might otherwise (typically) lose, then check out his website: