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08 Mar 2012
STL graphic design - logo

Lathwell's graphic designs pop up in all sorts of places!

In between the big and exciting re-branding or strategic planning type projects, we - like everyone else in this business - spend a lot of time on little graphic design and copywriting projects that help our clients nudge along and flesh out their overall marketing strategies.

It's all good bread-and-butter stuff, but not normally worth getting the trumpet out for. Typcially we send such items out into the ether and never hear of them again; so it's quite a thrill when we spot our creative work out and about in the real world. Just today, for example, we were on the site of Nigeria's Automated Teller Company  and were delighted to see that the most standout item on the page is the partner logo we developed for our client, STL Technology Solutions.

It was only last month that STL announced two Partner initiatives for 2012:

  • international distribution of its IT solutions for enterprise wholesalers and large-space retailers, and

  • a UK-based SMB Partner Network to sell its new 5-user system to small and start-up wholesalers.

It's great to see how our tweak of the STL corporate logo is working hard for the company already!

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