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19 Oct 2012
STL smiley faces - ad - creative - graphic design

Simple is best for ad design

We've had a bit of fun today designing our latest advert for IT provider STL Technology Solutions.

STL needed a new ad for its target trade press - magazines such as Wholesale News, Cash & Carry Management and Better Wholesaling. These are (as you'd expect) dominated by photos of warehouses, forklift trucks, delivery lorries and dry goods. 

We were asked to come up with something starkly different in style to help STL 'pop out' of the trade pages. But first it was crucial that we established the right key message - not only to ensure that the advertising, PR and other marketing communications campaigns were closely aligned but that all were effectively supporting the current sales strategy. Following a team brainstorming with STL, it was agreed to promote the theme that 'the life of a warehouse operator is simply better with STL.'

We were then free to send all creative brains to the deck! We wanted to reflect STL's bold and direct approach - which is tempered by a slightly cheeky sense of humour. Attached is what we came up with.

Happily, STL's reaction was ' :-D ' - Good news: we always like our clients to have smiley faces! 

Looking forward to it hitting the presses next week!

Attachment: STL Retail Review DPS - emoticons Oct 12.pdf

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