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20 Apr 2013
Alfa Wholesale re design

Wholesale re-brand

In April 2012, Glasgow-based cash & carry operator Alfa Wholesale Ltd suffered a devastating fire that saw the business close for nearly a year. However, with characteristic grit and determination it rose from the ashes, bigger and better, to re-open in March 2013.

When planning its re-launch, the company's directors took the opportunity to update and unify its branding, and asked Lathwell & Associates to help it work out its key messages, evolve its visual identity and help it plan a strategic promotional campaign.

After working on a new brand identity - including a new slogan (Committed to You), suite of key messages and logo redesign - we then had just six weeks to design, copywrite, develop and project manage a new website with SEO, signage, adverts, stationery, two direct mail campaigns, a special offers promotion designed to build a database for future digital marketing activities, and a street drop.

Phew, what a challenge - and all from the other end of the country! But as customers old and new have started to flock back to this popular Scottish cash & carry, it would appear to have been a wholesale success the whole team can be proud of.

Atif Rashid, a Director of Alfa Wholesale, said, 'Thank you for providing a great service. I have been consistently impressed by your flexibility, patience, and hard work on delivering our multi-element campaign. You communicate well and have regularly gone above-and-beyond on our behalf. I can assure you this has not gone unnoticed, and that you have a very happy client.'

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