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14 Aug 2014

Another website goes live

Another website goes live >>>

Tags: Branding, Cumbria, SEO, Website

20 Apr 2013

Wholesale re-brand

Wholesale re-brand >>>

Tags: Branding, Copywriting, Digital marketing, Direct mail, Graphic design, Logo, SEO, Wholesale

30 Oct 2012

Copywriting: more than good spelling

What to look for in a copywriter >>>

Tags: Branding, Copywriting, Key messages, Marketing, Positioning, SEO

26 Sep 2012

Twitter tips for Mid Devon businesses

Part 2 - Twitter tips for Mid Devon >>>

Tags: Business, Devon, SEO, Social media, Twitter

21 Sep 2012

Twitter dos and don'ts

Part 1 - ‘Get Started’ Twitter tips for business >>>

Tags: Blog, Business, Devon, Event, Facebook, Pinterest, SEO, Social media, Twitter, YouTube

18 Sep 2012

Website check list

Does your website have street appeal? >>>

Tags: Jakob Nielsen, SEO, Twitter, Video, Web design

16 Nov 2011

How David can beat Goliath with smart rather than expensive marketing

Small can be mighty >>>

Tags: Advertorials, Creative, Lathwell & Associates, Marketing, PR, SEO, Social media, Strategy, Twitter

10 Jul 2011

Social networking options compared

Here's a handy snapshot of social networking options >>>

Tags: Lathwell & Associates, Marketing, SEO, Social media, Social networking, Twitter