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Effective copywriting can help you do so much more than merely describe your organisation's products and services. Get it right and it will help you to build a compelling brand and engage with your customers and prospects at a deeper (more profitable) level.

Companies such as Tufcoat, JP Associates, McIntyre and Torex are just a few of the companies which have drawn on Lathwell's 25 years of experience of brand positioning, key message development, PR and marketing communications in order to improve the effectiveness of their collateral, boost their search ranking or fuel their content marketing activities.

What can our copywriters do for you?

  • Capture your corporate 'voice'. Good copywriters aren't made; ours were born with an instinct for an organisation's culture and values. They will select the words and sentence structure that are most appropriate, familiar, appealing and reassuring to your target audiences, whether technical, business or consumer. This will help you really connect and establish credibility with the people you want to influence and attract.
  • Pitch at the appropriate level. With more than 20 years' PR and marcoms experience exclusively in the IT&T, manufacturing and engineering sectors, we know how to compose highly technical papers and data sheets for a technical audience. Equally, however, we know how to translate 'tech-geek-speak' into every-day language and business benefits. 
  • Tailor your copy for the medium it's intended for; for example, online copy should be more concise and structured to mirror the scanning behaviour of most website visitors, while a glossy brochure outlining the business case for an IT system should contain very little technical jargon.
  • Reinforce your key messages (your company's and product/service's competitive positioning statements and propositions).
  • (For online copy) improve your Search Engine Ranking (SER) by incorporating your key search terms - which won't necessarily be the same as your key communications messages - into your copy.
  • Achieve the two above without negatively impacting on the readability or entertainment value of the item. A good copywriter can convert marketing messages and search terms (what you want to say) into a compelling story (what your audience wants to hear).
  • Keep a reader's attention by knowing how and when to refresh longer or more serious content - for example with a change of tone, or a quirky aside. (The pictured dog is called 'Poppy', in case you were wondering).
  • Ensure that you appear professional. Even if you're targeting the 'text-speak' generation, you need to earn their confidence if you want them to spend some of their hard-earned cash with you. Sloppy work isn't cool.
  • (That said) know when to bend strict English Language rules in order to improve communication and resonate with your audience.
  • Understand how to keep words in the 'background', quietly allowing the spotlight to shine on your story, your product, your message - without making the reader work too hard. A good copywriter doesn't show off a superior knowledge of the dictionary or different syntactic techniques for the sake of it.

It isn't easy marrying all these competing demands. Not everyone has the skill or time to pull together the perfect promotional piece - and, frankly, sometimes you can just be too close to your business to be able to explain it clearly, concisely and interestingly.

That's where our 25 years of copywriting experience can help. So, if you need help to make your marketing communications really zing, or you'd just like to speak to Poppy, please call us on 01398 331177.