CARE International - infographic design

I’ve commissioned L&A for many projects over several years, from the design of flagship documents such as our Annual Report, through designing infographics, icons and other brand assets, to reports, brochures, leaflets, flyers… They offer a great combination of creativity, reliability and responsiveness – they understand what I’m looking for, contribute ideas and expertise, and help me achieve it, on schedule and within budget. A pleasure to work with and I can thoroughly recommend their services.

CARE International UK

Graphic design, corporate literature, campaign materials, advertising, photography, illustration

Some clients recruit us to communicate with, pitch to, or lobby and influence a highly select target audience - sometimes just a handful of people. Others, such as TK Maxx, Sage, Atmos, Torex (now part of Oracle) and Omnico have asked to work with multi-national teams to create and execute global campaigns.

One of the most inspiring of these has been CARE (Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere) International, one of the largest and oldest humanitarian aid organisations, which is focused on fighting global poverty and injustice. CARE is currently working in 90 countries, supporting a staggering 880 poverty-fighting projects and humanitarian aid projects which to date have positively impacted more than 72 million people.

Lathwell & Associates has been commissioned to help produce the charity's annual report and a range of policy documents, as well as the gamut of communications and campaigning materials from newsletters and e-bulletins to leaflets, infographics and adverts.

The design challenge comes not only in the form of typically tight timescales, wide stakeholder involvement in production and the global footprint of each item: it is also in the volume and variety of the design items generated by CARE. This means that while each piece must be impactful in its own right, it must simultaneously retain a firm visual connection to the core brand identity so that it can also help to drive home the charity's core mission statements.