On our work for the Schools:

Lathwell's attention to detail and ability to follow the project through from start to finish has been invaluable. We are now the only Prep School in the UK that has increased its roll by 60% in the past three years, we have established a new International Summer School with over 200 weeks booked in the first year and the Senior Boarding School has maintained its numbers whilst all others around us are declining. Lathwell & Associates has been instrumental in achieving this with innovative designs and creativity combined with an understanding of the importance of heritage to a 500 year old institution.

On our Foundation work:

Lathwell & Associates' ability to come up with a corporate branding and innovative creative designs, attention to detail and ability to follow the project through from start to finish in very short time scales has been invaluable.

The Foundation has the largest Legacy Club in the whole of the UK Independent School sector and generates £500,000 a year from donors. The school is one of the very few boarding schools in the country with a growing school roll and much of this success has been due to the quality of the materials being produced by Lathwell & Associates.

Sedbergh School, Casterton (Sedbergh Preparatory School), Sedbergh Foundation & Sedbergh International Summer School

Corporate identity, copywriting, prospectus, adverts, newsletters, video, website, digital marketing, direct mail, logo, branding, graphic design, direct mail, branded clothing, membership materials, fundraising initiatives

Over the past decade and a half, we've helped Sedbergh School shrug off its past image of an old-fashioned, Northern, single sex, rugby-playing boarding school, and build a new reputation as a prestigious, forward-thinking, co-educational, multi-campus school with top art, sports and technology facilities and a global outlook.  

In the process, we've  designed, written, project managed and produced an extensive range of print, digital and social media items.

Sedbergh's Director of Marketing said, 'L&A consistently adds strategic value - understanding the business goals we need to kick in a very competitive market, and helping us reinforce and reinvigorate our market proposition through sharp, incisive writing and well-thought through design..(see more in quote box to the right).'

Sedbergh Foundation (fundraising operation)

Sedbergh School faces the interesting challenge of having to maintain the historically important and stunning 500-year old buildings at its core, while developing new, state-of-the-art facilities that will continue to attract fee-paying pupils in the future.

As an integral member of Sedbergh School’s capital works fundraising team, we’ve created a range of marketing campaigns - incorporating digital marketing, personalised direct mail pieces and ‘old pupil’ membership materials. Combined, these have helped the school to generate the funds required not only for its extensive refurbishment programme, but to construct (among other things) an impressive new music centre, hockey pavilion and biology block.

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