Services / Marcoms, Content Marketing & PR

Whether you want to attract prospective customers, impress stakeholders, inform purchase influencers or improve internal relationships, effective communication is all about knowing what to say, how to say it and what medium to use for optimum reach and appeal.

That’s where Lathwell & Associates’ 25 years of experience across three continents really counts.

Strategic marcoms & content marketing experience

We have the strategic know-how, content development experience and understanding of print, digital and social media to help you plan an impactful marketing communications programme that optimises the return on your marketing spend.

PR pedigree

With exceptionally strong PR roots (including co-founding and operating for a decade one of Australia's leading IT PR consultancies), we know how to raise your executive, product and corporate profile where it counts. We do this both through direct communications with your customers, partners, employees and investors, and through relationship-building with those who influence them, such as trade journalists, bloggers, industry analysts or product reviewers.

Creative & effective copywriting

Our wordsmiths have the skills and creativity to sculpt powerful key messages into compelling content that will engage your target audiences. We are as excited about brainstorming memorable sound bites for the media and snappy slogans for adverts, as we are about crafting credible, influential copy for corporate literature, websites and thought leadership campaigns.


We can even train your spokespeople and customer contact points in message management so that everything they say or write will reinforce your strategic marcoms objectives.